Rent Innov X CL-4000 SL Handheld XRF Spectrometer


Olympus Innov-X Systems CL-4000 SL Portable Handheld XRF Analyzer
The advent of Innov-X Portable XRF analyzers has completely revolutionized environmental testing. Site sampling need no longer be a limiting factor in a comprehensive site investigation. In the past, studies relied exclusively on expensive and time consuming laboratory analysis based on samples they hoped fully characterized the site.

Portable XRF liberates and empowers environmental studies.While you’re at the site, you can check the composition of soils, debris, run off streams, dust wipes, coatings, corings, paints, plastic and wood. This means you won’t lose precious time collecting non-representative samples and running up unnecessary lab costs.

Rent CL-4000 SL

Environmental studies can now save time and money with real-time, on-the-spot elemental analysis – from Magnesium to Uranium, from PPM to 100% – in solids, liquids, powders, cores, fragments, filters & films, slurries and more. Portable XRF provides cost-effective, timely analysis.

Innov-X combined an x-ray tube source, multiple beam filtering and the HP PDA to deliver superior limits of detection, speed, precision and upgrade capability.

Rent Innov X CL-4000 SL


Superior performance of Cr and other metals. Light element Analysis Program (LEAP) analyzes P, S, Cl, K and Ca
Utilizes advanced and universal XRF data modeling:
– Compton Normalization: “Internal Standard” provides for quantitative analysis without site-specific calibrations
– Fundamental Parameters: Standardless, ideal for samples with high and low concentration of several elements
– Empirical Calibrations: “Calibration Curves” allows user-generated calibration curves
Add new elements and calibrations easily. Innov-X analyzers will meet your requirements today and in the future
View spectra on screen
Compare spectra for comparative analysis and display results versus standards
Stored tests can be re-run with new parameters or models.
Data security: stores in binary format for data integrity

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